Saturday, February 14, 2015


FROM PREHISTORY through the contemporary (and clearly, into the future), human life and nature have never been apart.  Further, human life has/can enhance wildness and bio-diversity.
            [See earlier post, “Reconciliation Ecology, 1/21/2011]
RECOMMENDATION: 2015 PBS Series Earth A New Wild

The 2015 PBS series hosted by Dr. M. Sanjayan Earth A New Wild illustrates this well.  It challenges the assumption that human use of the Earth diminishes wildness and bio-diversity.  It illustrates how human activity can enhance these processes. 

This is not to say that human activity cannot diminish bio-diversity.  Clear-cutting of forests would be such an example. 

A large part of the environmental problem is our erroneous sense of having become separate from wildness.

The key here is seeing how being inside landscape can mean the optimization of bio-diversity as well as the fittedness of human life into the larger Earth ecosystem.